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Kore Table - More Images and Dimensions

Kore Table

Dining Room Furniture Marble-Look Tables Kore Table


The Kore outdoor table stands out for its fine and straight lines, finished off with an authentic porcelain tabletop available in more than 18 finishes.

• Low and high temperature resistant
• Fireproof
• Anti-stain. Easy cleaning. Resistant to all type of solvents and bleaches
• Anti-bacterial properties
• 70% reused materials
• Waterproof
• scratch-resistant surface
• Ultraviolet resistance and surface stability over time
• 100% materials of natural mineral origin
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Collection: Motif Spain

Stock status: Special Order Product
Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

Kore Table 180cm

Aluminum structure + ceramic board
  71 35 29

Kore Table 150cm

Aluminum structure + ceramic board
  59 30 29

Kore Table 120cm

Aluminum structure + ceramic board
  47 47 29

Kore Table 90cm

Aluminum structure + ceramic board
  35 35 29
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